Vopak Agencies

We are Vopak Agencies, part of the Dutch stock listed Royal Vopak NV, the leading international provider of independent tank storage and related logistics services for the oil and chemical industries.

Vopak Agencies, headquartered in the center of the port of Rotterdam, is a part of Vopak Netherlands and represents a network of oil, gas, chemical, dry cargo, offshore and shipping related companies world-wide.

Vopak Port Agencies

As a portagent we're 'The invisible-support-force' in NW Europe, providing all disciplines of the maritime agency services. Our professional and experienced staff strives for excellence when performing husbanding-, protective- or full agency services for all possible types of vessels, ensuring a smooth portcall. Every day, we strive to provide a high quality yet personal service to our customers.

Vopak Global Hub

Besides port agency services via our offices, we can provide hub services around the globe. International hub service and port agency solutions through our network of highly qualified agents around the globe. By this partnership the highest local expertise in combination with worldwide knowledge and experience is guaranteed.

Because of the global nature of our business, we are ready to respond to your needs quickly and resolve any issue as our offices are physically manned 24/7. We are available and ready whenever you need us.

Our mission: sustainability at the core

As a member of Royal Vopak, we store and handle oil, gases, chemicals, biofuels, edible oils and we provide agency services all over the world. These products are crucial to people's lives, yet can endanger their health and the environment if stored or handled inappropriately. This comes with a huge responsibility. Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, clean storage and handling services.

By fulfilling our mission, we strive to be the partner of choice for all our stakeholders, from customers, business partners and investors, to governments, local communities and society at large. Our ambition is to be a strong link in our customers' value chain and a leader in our industry.

We realize that our long-term success depends on our ability to innovate and respond to changing demands from both the market and society. This is why we explore ways to facilitate the introduction of more sustainable new technologies, processes and products and aim for an open dialogue with our stakeholders. Putting sustainability at the core of our decisions and operations will allow us to stay relevant to society and continue to enable trade flows for future generations.


Vopak Agencies, one of the first agency organizations to be accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 certification and CDI-mpc attestation, prides itself in providing a high quality yet personal service to ship owners, operators and charterers via an extensive market coverage in all European ports.

Our professional and experienced staff strives for excellence when performing husbanding, protective or full agency services for all possible types of vessels including those serving the offshore and cruise industry.

Royal Vopak owns a worldwide network of tank storage facilities for all kinds of mineral oils, chemicals, edible oils and gas commodities. Our agency activities for these vessels and the company's background provides us with an unrivalled know-how on account of which we consider ourselves specialists in agency work for all sizes of chemical, oil and gas tankers.

Building upon our heritage

Vopak's history dates back to 1616. Our earliest ancestors stored and handled coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, silk, spices, and other products from all over the world for trading companies such as the East India Company, the world’s first multinational company. Since then, much has changed. Dry bulk gave way to liquid bulk and the company grew, eventually establishing a presence on every continent. Unchanged is that we are still loading and unloading ships, storing and handling product for multiple customers. We have thus been connecting global trade flows for 400 years.

The story of our hat

Vopak Values

Looking forward, we will build upon our heritage by living the Vopak values:

  • care for safety, health and the environment;
  • integrity; 
  • team spirit; 
  • commitment; 
  • and agility.